RRE140 – 250H TMHI
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Electric Reach Trucks - Reflex H/E-Series

RRE140 – 250H

BT Electric Reach Trucks

  • Rated Load Capacity 1.4 to 2.5 Ton
  • Lifting Height up to 1300 mm
  • Standard / Tilt Cab / Cold Store / Drive In Rack
  • Battery Voltage 48V / 465 - 930Ah


The BT Reflex R / E-Series reach trucks are developed for intensive stacking applications with focus on productivity, safety, reliability and ergonomics. The family consists of machines with different capacities; 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000 & 2500 kg, and lift heights up to 13 meters. BT Reflex comes with a "traditional" fixed driver's cab as well as the totally unique E-model where the cab automatically tilts at a certain lift height. This feature provides the best possible view of the load and forks and considerably reduces stress on the driver's neck. Added to this there is also a version with heated cab, foremost intended for cold store applications. In all models we have put the deriver in focus. Controls, steering wheel and seat all have excellent possibilities to be adapted to every individual driver's needs. Hydraulic controls are available in two versions; one with fingertip controlled separate levers and one multi-function control with all functions included in one unit. All these possibilities intended to give the driver the best conditions to work with a minimum of effort during the entire work day. Visibility from the driver's position is very good; both over environment and load, thanks to the low declining edge on the panels, the visibility window in the post behind the driver, the elliptic shape of the front upright and the fan shaped overhead guard.


Core IC Cushion Forklift

A Top Seller for a Reason

A powerful top seller with strong horsepower and a compact design, the Toyota Core IC
Cushion forklift is popular in nearly all indoor applications.

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360-Degrees of Quality, Durability, Reliability & Value

  • Fully-stamped steel side panels
  • Large-capacity engine cooling fan
  • Toyota 136 cu. in., 4-cylinder engine (4Y-ECS)
  • Fully-sealed air-intake system
  • Independent brake & inching pedals
  • LED headlights
  • LCD multi-function display

Ease of Service

  • Easy-access no-tools floorboard
  • Engine hood assist damper with lock device
  • Air cleaner discharge valve
  • Externally-mounted hydraulic oil return filter
  • Dash-mounted brake fluid level check
  • Easy-lift engine hood
  • Exclusive QR code diagnostics

Continued Performance

According to recent studies by Peerless Research Group, more and more forklift owners plan to keep their forklifts for 10+ years! Just like a car, truck or other motorized asset, periodic maintenance, service and upkeep is required, even under normal operating conditions, to keep your Toyota Core IC Cushion Forklift operating to peak performance. It is not uncommon for Toyota forklift owners to well exceed 10 years of use, as long as the forklift is properly maintained. Paired with a Planned Maintenance (PM) Plan, the Toyota Core IC Cushion Forklift can be an asset for your company for years to come.


Core IC Cushion Forklift Ergonomics

  • Dash-mounted instrument display
  • 11.8″ diameter two-spoke steering wheel
  • Load Sensing Hydrostatic Steering
  • Heavy-duty non-slip rubber floor mat
  • 12″ dual operator assist grips
  • Low, wide-entry steps
  • 4-Way adjustable vinyl full-suspension seat

Specs - Core IC Cushion Forklift

  • 3,000-6,500 lb. Lifting Capacity
  • System of Active Stability (SAS)
  • Gas / LPG / Dual Fuel
Length to forkface

Length to forkface

82.3 - 98.6 in

Overhead Guard Height

Overhead Guard Height

80.1 - 80.7 in

Overall Width

Overall Width

37.2 - 43.7 in

Core IC Cushion Forklift

(Select up to 3 models to compare)
Model Number Load Capacity* (lbs.) Max. Travel Speed Full Load (MPH) Max. Lift Speed Full Load (FPM) Max. Gradeability Full Load (%) Basic Right Angle Stack** (IN.) Select to Compare
8FGCU15 3,000 10.9 110 43 83.5
8FGCU18 3,500 10.9 110 40 86
8FGCSU20 4,000 10.9 110 35 87.6
8FGCU20 4000 10.6 120 36 92.3
8FGCU25 5000 10.6 120 31 94.3
8FGCU30 6000 10.6 98 25 97.5
8FGCU32 6500 10.6 98 25 98.8

* Based on 24" Load center
** Add load length and clearance

Product specifications may not reflect the most current product details. Authorized Toyota dealers retain the most current product specifications. All specifications should be verified by an authorized Toyota dealer prior to purchase.
California users of dual fuel models, please consult with your local Toyota dealer regarding availability.

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