Goods-to-Person Picking and Automated Order Fulfillment TMHI
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Goods-To-Person Picking And
Automated Order Fulfillment

Increase Speed of Fulfillment

With the increased throughput demands being placed on companies as a result of eCommerce trends and new buyer profiles, the speed of picking an order and preparing it for shipment is a key space to seize a competitive advantage – and potentially a key space to automate. Goods-to-person order fulfillment systems are available through your Toyota Forklift dealer in partnership with Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company. These technologies improve warehouse productivity by reducing the need of an associate to spend time traveling to a product, picking it from a shelf, and then returning with it to be packaged. Instead, products are delivered to associates in an automated process, where the order can be picked and readied for packaging all in the same location.

Bastian Solutions AutoStore Technology

The AutoStore robotic picking technology, empowered by Bastian Solutions, offers a cutting-edge system for quick order fulfillment and industry-leading storage density. Built on a horizontal and vertical grid, products are stored and stacked in bins. On the top layer of the system, robots receive orders to retrieve specific bins from within the grid. Using a digging method, robots retrieve bins from within the grid, staging unneeded bins nearby. Once the desired bin is retrieved, it is delivered to an operator station for order picking and fulfillment, while another robot returns the unused bins to the grid. Want another efficiency boost for your fulfillment operation? The AutoStore system empowered by Bastian Solutions self-profiles, learning frequency and need of particular bins and adjusting accordingly.

Bastian Solutions Leading the Way in eCommerce Order Fulfillment Efficiency

Ecommerce trends demand new ways of approaching order fulfillment services, as required shipping times are getting tighter and orders are for smaller product inventory amounts with a wider variety. The Perfect Pick system offered by Bastian Solutions through your Toyota Forklift dealer is leading the way in advanced ecommerce order fulfillment technology. Storing totes and trays on either side of the aisle, robots move quickly and efficiently upon order receipt to deliver specific product inventory bins to waiting associates, who then pick the number of items needed from the bin before the Perfect Pick iBots return the tote back to its designated area. In the age of eCommerce demand, Perfect Pick leads the industry in picking speed, running at up to 1,000 picks per hour.

A Trusted Partnership Born of Innovation

Toyota Material Handling has been a leader in the international forklift market for more than 50 years. In an ongoing effort to innovate, Toyota Material Handling is proud to partner with Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, to offer material handling systems integrations. Together, the worldwide leaders in forklift manufacturing and automation technology work as one to deliver quality solutions in a new era of material handling.