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Automated Forklifts

Automated Guided Vehicles

The Intelligent Answer to Repetitive Tasks

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and robotic forklifts are increasingly becoming a mainstay in manufacturing facilities and distribution center operations where tasks are highly standardized, repetitive, and easily accomplished without need of advanced human management. While some Automated Guided Vehicle technologies like wire- and track-guided systems are at use in many locations today (and play an intricate role in improving efficiency), new technologies are making AGV forklifts and AGV pallet jacks an even more integral solution in your current material handling operation. Available from your Toyota Forklift dealer in partnership with Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, AGVs are advancing to learn your current infrastructure and react to changes in environment.

AGV Types: What to Know and Where to Use

Automated Guided Vehicles will gain widespread use as material handling operations discover more innovative ways to integrate warehouse technologies. Knowing what your options are for driverless transport systems can help you decide why and when an investment in an automated forklift system can lead to increased efficiency.
  • Vision Guided Vehicles: VGVs such as Bastian Solutions’ Pallet Truck VGV and Tugger VGV, integrate easily into your existing infrastructure by using 3D modelling technology to build a map of your facility and operate within it – no wire guidance needed.
  • Wire, RFID, and Tape AGVs: These wire guided and similar driverless vehicles follow a specified path generally built into or taped to the floor of the facility. This technology is also used for Tugger AGVs and Cart AGVs.
  • Laser AGVs: Laser AGVs respond to multiple fixed points identified by mounted or integrated laser technology, allowing for a more flexible integration than Wire AGVs.

Mobile Robotics for Order Fulfillment

Location order fulfillment in your facility is both a challenge and requirement as order deadlines are being moved up to meet the demand of the modern customers. Mobile robotics are just one solution for fully automated systems for order fulfillment that can build on your operational efficiency. Two solutions now available through your Toyota Forklift dealer in partnership with Bastian Solutions are Robotic Batch Picking and Robotic Truck Loading. Robotic Batch Picking allows robots to perform the act of picking batches or “eaches” of products for order placement. Robotic Truck Loading allows robots to load one box or unit of a product into a truck, eliminating unused space and making a previously uncomfortable job easier and more efficient. Each warehouse technology is on the cutting edge of mobile robotics for order fulfillment.

A Trusted Partnership Born of Innovation

Toyota Material Handling has been a leader in the international forklift market for more than 50 years. In an ongoing effort to innovate, Toyota Material Handling is proud to partner with Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, to offer material handling systems integrations. Together, the worldwide leaders in forklift manufacturing and automation technology work as one to deliver quality solutions in a new era of material handling.