Manual Stackers
BT Ministacker

The BT Ministacker SHL080 is a light-duty pallet truck and stacker designed for low frequency stacking at relatively low levels. Ideal for use in small stores and shops, this compact machine is suitable for block stacking or for use in racking.

The SHM080 manual truck offers a quick lift hydraulics function for enhanced productivity when handling loads up to 200kg. For heavier loads, quick lift is automatically replaced by the normal lift function. The SHL080 has an electric lift motor and is suitable for use in more intensive operations. For both models, the maximum lift capacity is 800kg and the maximum lift height is 1600mm.

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Internal Combustion Forklifts
Load Center Overall Width Turning
Radius Outside
Guard Height
Length to
Fork Face
Units Kg mm mm mm mm mm mm
SHM: 0.8 Ton
800 600 770 1150 1990 525 1600