Hand Pallet Trucks
BT hand pallet trucks

BT hand pallet trucks suitable for handling loads in all types of applications, BT hand pallet trucks from Toyota Material Handling Europe provide a complete range of innovative, flexible solutions. With operator-friendly designs and fork frames that are guaranteed for life, BT hand pallet trucks provide the lowest cost of ownership thanks to their long operating life and maximum up-time.

BT hand pallet trucks represent the global standard in manual pallet handling. More than 2,800,000 units have been sold worldwide since the first BT Lifter was launched nearly 60 years ago.

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Hand Pallet Trucks
Load Center Overall Width Turning
Radius Outside
Guard Height
Length to
Fork Face
Units Kg mm mm mm mm mm mm
lmh230 2300 600 520 - 685 1370 NA 365 190 - 200
lmh300 3000 600 520 - 685 1385 NA 365 200